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Morning Mist Over Trees

The clearest way
into the Universe is through a forest wilderness
"John Muir"

Ancient Wisdom,
Modern Application

Geomancy and Feng Shui may be ancient

in their origins, fortunately,

their applications are as relevant and powerful

today as thousands of years ago.

Geomancy is the science of living in harmony with the earth.

"Ancient geomancers were trained to show people where to place or orient their cities, palaces, and tombs, so that the subtle magnetic current of the earth would act most favorably for them. These currents were detected by dosing as well as by the use of a magnetic compass."

Francis Hitching 

"The aim of the practice of Feng Shui is to free up blockages

of energy to allow possibility,

to create harmony and bring balance

between all complementary opposite forces-especially the internal and external worlds."

William Spear

" The magic of place is a living system that each of us can interact with."

 "Our ancestors were deeply aware of the magical power of their local landscape, no matter where they lived.

Every interaction with their environment - from building to farming to the layout of ancient cities - took into account terrestrial energies, ancestral memory, and the many seen and unseen presences in nature."

"Nigel Pennick"

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