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 Penny Collins

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My Training

Certified Geomancy and Feng Shui Consultant

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Organization and Relationship Systems Coach 

Massage Therapist

Holistic Health Practitioner

Nature and I go way back.

Growing up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

I was surrounded by natural beauty and wonder. My mother loved camping and she took my sister and I as often as possible.

It is no surprise that my first job was working at a

Wilderness Camp for city kids.

My journey has been varied and abundant with travel, wonderful teachers, unexpected side trips, and fond memories filled with adventures.

I have studied with Shamans and Geomancers from Peru, the Andes and Ireland.

I have been trained by Feng Shui Masters and Celtic Priestesses,

as well as Master Coaches and Reiki Masters, and extraordinary Body Work Teachers.

I have worked for Non Profits, in the Healing Arts and the Energy Arts.

Geomancy & Land Healing are where my love of nature

and guiding people to live in harmony with their surroundings weave together beautifully.


 Earth and Spirit Living is a blend of modifications that positively impact your life and environment,
creating greater awareness and connectivity with your surroundings.
Since there is always a spiritual component to the land, creating a meaningful connection with nature aids the body and soul.
        What is your next step?

  • Earth Energy Balancing Consultation

  • Creating Sacred Spaces

  • Land Ceremonies and Rituals

  • Earth Energy Balancing Mentoring

  • Earth and Spirit Retreats

  • Or just curious!


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