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 Penny Collins

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Professional Training

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Organization and Relationship Systems Coach 

Certified Geomancy and Feng Shui Consultant

Geomancy and Land Healing Training 2017 Ireland


Celtic Priestess Training 2018.Glastonbury England

Geomancy and Land Healing Training 2019 Ireland.

Geomancy and Land Healing Training 2023, Borrego Springs CA

Penny Collins is an Educator, Earth Energy worker, Ceremonial leader, Feng Shui consultant, and Guide.

Raised in the Rocky Mountains with a deep connection to her surroundings, Penny followed in a long generational love of the Earth and a commitment to honor the Spirit of Ancestry and Place.

Guided by her ancestors and their deep connection to all life, she believes “every day is the best day to be in joy, to be of service, and to operate from love. We are always in ceremony with our great Earth mother, and she is always in ceremony with us. Nature is sacred and is the bridge to the Divine, our true nature.”

Penny beautifully weaves together her love for the Earth and Ritual while creating space for people to live in harmony with themselves and their landscapes through Geomancy and Land Healing.

A traveler at heart, Penny has studied internationally with Shamans, Geomancers, Medicine Men, Celtic Priestesses,

and Masters of Feng Shui, Inner and Outer Landscapes, Coaching, and Energy work.


 Earth and Spirit Living is a blend of modifications that positively impact your life and environment,
creating greater awareness and connectivity with your surroundings.
Since there is always a spiritual component to the land, creating a meaningful connection with nature aids the body and soul.
        What is your next step?

  • Earth Energy Balancing Consultation

  • Creating Sacred Spaces

  • Land Ceremonies and Rituals

  • Earth Energy Balancing Mentoring

  • Earth and Spirit Retreats

  • Or just curious!


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