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A Few Kind words

Dublin Ireland

Sarah's Sale

"Penny is so experienced in her job.

We had our house up for sale and it took a year and a half to sell !

I was at my wits end and wondering what else I could do. Penny came along and did a very extensive report and pin pointed exactly what I should do in the the garden and grounds of the house.

Within four weeks we had agreed on a sale and the move was on!

Congrats to Penny, who was so professional at all times and her report was amazing and so interesting.

We followed everything!

Thanks Penny for all your help."


Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Patty's Land Clearing

Doing the land clearing with Penny was so powerful. Throughout the entire process I felt like I was finally honoring the land (and the Native spirits) properly. Soon after we created the cairn I was able to connect to the spirit of people who had lived here. It was beautiful to have a way to make amends and the peace that filled our property soon after was palpable. By the time we were finished and Penny completed the process we received many signs letting us know that the energy here was shifting - from a hawk that stayed close and watchful to unexpected opportunities in our careers. We also saw our teenage children become more easeful in their day to day interactions. I could go on and on - I can't recommend Penny enough!

Patty's Cairn



‘We are on our own spiritual journey creating a meaningful connection to our land and our home’ Penny’s wisdom and guidance have been invaluable to me and she is so right about the journey.
The spiritual journey is unique to each of us creating a meaningful connection of our souls with our homes and land. 

This journey with Penny as my mentor and Guide has been an incredible one.  

Penny has been able to impart her depth of knowledge and passion in Geomancy in a way that is clear, supportive and with kindness.  She has shared her insights by connecting to my land and identifying those elements impacting on the harmony of our lives suggesting ways to implement remedies to realign and support myself and my family.

The most powerful of these has been the recognition and identification of the Blessing Point in our Garden and consequently the connection and creation we have established on our journey in this special area.

I would highly recommend Penny for her knowledge, wisdom, and kind approach to guidance and implementation.  I value the professional connection but also the friendship and hope that one day we are able to meet in person.  

Much gratitude,


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